We work with a number of companies that we feel are of interest and benefit to our clients.

Contractor Mortgages – CMME

We understand that our contractor clients sometimes find it more difficult to obtain a mortgage when you are employed on a contract basis, this can be both frustrating and disappointing when you are looking to buy your new home.

If you’re looking for specialist advice regarding mortgages for independent professionals, we would wholeheartedly recommend contacting CMME. Whether you classify yourself as a contractor, freelancer or simply self-employed, CMME are able to rely on more than a decade’s worth of expertise to ensure you get the right help and the best deal. CMME provides a highly specialised service that provides assistance, advice and mortgage offers tailored to meet the needs of contractors, freelancers and the self-employed.

Having helped thousands of independent professionals receive the mortgage funding they require, CMME are ready and able to help you finance your new home or property. Simply visit their website or call CMME directly on 01489 555 080 and quote “Clearways Accountants” to get the process started.

IFA – Perry Monroe

We’re independent financial advisers and we specialise in good, solid financial advice backed up with years of experience. Whether it’s personal or for business – we aim to give you independent, clear, jargon-free advice that’s right for your circumstances.

FS Group – Members Voluntary Liquidations (MVL)

For when you need to close down your contractor company.

IPSE (Independent Professional and Self-Employed)

A membership body supporting contractors and the self-employed with an accredited accountant scheme.