You have no option now but there are still 10 advantages of submitting your Self Assessment tax return online…

The three main advantages are:

1. You don’t have to calculate your tax, the online system does all the maths for you. So you know you are correct and you can be sure of the tax you owe or that is due for repayment.

2. If you are due a repayment then HMRC will repay the money more quickly.

3. The deadline for online returns is later than for paper returns.

But there are other advantages!

4. It’s convenient, safe and secure – your account is encrypted, and protected by your chosen password and a unique User ID.

5. Once you have submitted your return you get an instant acknowledgment from HMRC.

6. You can complete your tax return page by page and save as you go so you have plenty of opportunities for checking and re-checking your return before you submit it.

7. You can easily add the right pages to cover all your income and reliefs and then you can store your completed return online and print out a copy of your tax return for your records.

8. You can view your account online and check that payments have been allocated to your account for the correct year.

9. You can amend your contact details easily and use HMRC secure email channels and preloaded forms to ask HMRC a question.

10. You can pay by Direct Debit – it’s safe and secure, and you’re less likely to miss your payment deadline.

So there you have it, 10 good reasons to submit your Self Assessment Tax Return online.