NIC update – lovely surprise!

Today the Chancellor announced some serious cuts to employee’s national insurance.  The rate increase of 1.25% remains in place and starts on 6 April BUT he has increased the threshold at which NI starts to be paid.  Many employees are under the mistaken assumption that as the personal allowance for tax is £12,570 then this must also be true for NI.  This has not been correct.  In 2021-22 NI at 12% was paid on all earnings over £9,568.  From July 2022 the personal allowance and NI threshold will be aligned at £12,570.

We are in favour of this, it has always seemed inequitable that the lowest paid started to pay “tax” in the form of NI at such a low level of income.  This is a great step forward in helping the lower paid and making work pay.  It also benefits higher paid employees.

For our contractor clients we will be making mid-year changes to salary levels once the details of the increase and how this will be applied to directors are known.

The statement was silent on the self-employed but the class 4 threshold for the self-employed has always been aligned to the employee’s threshold so we expect this to increase to £12,570 in the summer.

For employer’s the 1.25% increase in NI will commence on 6 April 2022 as planned bringing the rate to 15.05%.  There is some further help for small employers as the employer’s allowance has been increased to £5,000.  Please note this is not available to one-man director Limited companies.

Help to grow

just a reminder that the government has a couple of schemes to help small business:

(i) help to grow digital – provides funding towards digital upgrades to a maximum of £5,000; and

(ii) help to grow management – provides funding towards management training

Final thought

During his speech the Chancellor stated that the government had been at the forefront of simplifying the tax system – by 2015 the tax code was 17,000 pages long (up from 11,520 in 2009) and more has been added since.  If this is simplification heaven knows what complication would look like!

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