Are headhunters and recruitment agencies holding you back?

Blinkered recruitment agencies and headhunters are holding back talent in business according to the CEO of Thomas Cook (as reported in The Times).

Harriet Green talking at a Fortune Event stated that headhunters and recruitment agencies were reluctant to consider candidates that did not “tick” all the boxes on the job specification.  She said they place too much emphasis on industry experience rather than looking at the skills the individual brings to the role.

In Harriet’s case she had not worked in the travel sector but had completed numerous successful business transformations.  Harriet’s answer was to cut out the middle men and send her CV directly to the Chairman; they had not met before.  And the rest as they say is history, as she is now the CEO!

Could you benefit from this advice at a more junior level?  It does show you have initiative far more effectively than anything else you could write on your CV or describe at interview.

Could you benefit from this approach if you are contracting?

If you are aware of companies looking for contractors then contacting the company directly could result in a contract.  If you are successful you can contract directly through your limited company with your client.  There is no legal necessity for the agency to be sitting between your company and your client.

If you would like to try this approach but need help in setting up your own limited company then contact Clearways Accountants on 01737 244298 or use the email contact form below.  You can rely on our experience as we have set-up many companies for our contractor clients.