Quarterly Reporting, Quick Ratio, Quick Assets

Quarterly reporting

VAT is generally reported quarterly with different companies allocated to different staggers.

The staggers are:

  • January, April, July and October
  • February, May, August and November
  • March, June, September and December

If you want to change your reporting quarter, then just write to HMRC or use form VAT484

PAYE can also be paid quarterly if you estimate over the full tax year that your total payment will be, on average, less than £1,500 per month.  The payments will then be required in cleared funds by 22nd of July, October, January and April.

Quick assets

This is the calculation of current assets less stock.  It is an indication of how liquid the assets of a company are; liquid being how easy it would be to convert the asset into cash – the ultimate liquid asset.

Quick ratio

Also known as the acid test ratio; this term is more common in the UK.  It is another measure of liquidity and it is calculated as the total liquid assets/current liabilities.