Do you need to accept debit or credit cards from your customers?

If you do, you probably find that standard monthly charges for card readers are high, this is especially so if your business is seasonal.  If you sell, Christmas trees or fireworks, for example, you only need to accept payment in December (or November for the organised amongst us) or October.  The rest of the year the card reader will lie unused but it will still be costing you money through the monthly charges.

If you need to take cards but would rather pay on usage then you may want to take a look at iZettle.  iZettle has no contracts and works using a chip and pin card reader linked through a blue-tooth smartphone connection via an app that you can download.

Fees work in a similar way to Paypal, that is, you pay a fixed percentage of the transaction price and the percent reduces as the volume of business put through iZettle increases.

Paypal works on similar principles and if you already do business using Paypal you may prefer to keep your business information in one place.

Both systems are easy to use and just need the purchase of the card reader – maybe it’s time to wave goodbye to fixed fees when accepting card payments.