sign postNew rules apply to agencies supplying workers and work as a ‘kind of’ IR35 for the self-employed. HMRC have dubbed these new regulations the “false” self-employment rules.

Contractors working through their own limited companies are NOT self-employed and therefore should not be caught.

Some agencies have sent questionnaires to contractors (and their Limited companies) with some standard questions, for example:

  1. You only employ your workers on a contract of employment and pay them through the PAYE scheme (which allows for expenses to be paid gross in certain circumstances)?
  2. You are a personal service company?
  3. If you are a personal service company:
    • the worker deployed or to be deployed by you controls the company and/or is the sole director of the company
    • you do not make or plan to make any payments gross except allowed expenses or dividends
    • your payroll is also operated in the UK
  4. If your answer to both 1 and 2 is No please advise the nature of the engagement between you and the service provider
    • Self-employed
    • Director’s agreement
    • Other
  5. If your answer to 4 is Yes to “Other” please provide details

If you are a director of your own Limited company you should be answer these questions:

  1. Possibly yes but probably no; most directors do not have a contract of employment.
  2. Yes
    • Yes probably although be careful if you co-own the company with your spouse
    • Yes even if you pay yourself £663 per month such that no tax or national insurance is due in 2014-15 this answer is still yes.
    • Probably yes if you do it yourself or your accountant runs your payroll as part of your package
  3. N/A
  4. N/A

If you are self-employed and you work through an agency you may be caught.

A further blog will be posted for the self-employed.

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