Pedro is a qualified architect and works to produce stunning images of new building designs, bringing drawings to life.  Initially he started his business as self-employed and completed his tax returns.

The business is successful and has grown

The business has become more successful and with a growing client database so Pedro thought about transferring his business and all the goodwill he had built up over the years (as self-employed) to his own Limited company.

Clearways Accountants have helped him with this process by checking his family circumstances before incorporating the company.  The new company, Arqui9 Visualisation Limited started to trade in March.

All the paperwork

Clearways Accountants have completed all the paperwork, registering the company for PAYE so that Pedro can pay himself tax efficiently with a low salary and taking profits as a dividend.  We also provided an easy to use accounting spreadsheet in MS Excel, mileage sheets and a useful crib sheet on typical expenses that a single person Limited company can deduct.

An unexpected benefit from incorporation

Once the company started trading as a Limited company, customers and potential customers took his business more seriously.  As a result the business has expanded more quickly than expected; Clearways Accountants were on hand to register the business for VAT and complete the company’s quarterly VAT return.

Arqui9 Visualisation Limited has customers in UK, Australia and Korea.  To see more images, visit the website

If you would assistance with transferring your self-employed business to a Limited company, registering for taxes or help in decided whether incorporation is the right step for you then contact Clearways Accountants on 01737 244298 or complete the contact form below.