The income tax 2014-15 year end is fast approaching.  Make sure you make all the claims and elections you are entitled to before it is too late.

Personal tax

The final date for 2010/11 claims that that have a four year time limit.

These include claims for:

  • personal allowances;
  • remittance basis (for non-UK domiciled individuals);
  • terminal loss relief (for the self-employed traders that have ceased trading);
  • the carry forward of trading losses (for partners or the self-employed); and
  • the carry forward of capital losses.

National Insurance contributions

The deadline for claiming exemption from class 4 NIC for 2015/16 where the same earnings are subject to class 1 contributions.  For example: trainers/lecturers that invoice the training college as self-employed but receive payment after National Insurance has been deducted.

The deadline to reclaim 2013/14 National Insurance paid mistakenly on earnings which should have categorised as self-employed.


The deadline for making a personal pension contribution to qualify for deduction against 2015/16 income.  The lifetime limit will reduce on 6th April 2016.

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