Every business sector can work through a Limited company

At Clearways Accountants, we work for a number of HR professionals working through their own Limited company, one of which is Mitchell Palmer Limited.  Their web site is here.

The company had already been set up when Clearways Accountants started to provide a full contractor package to the company.  We take the strain of completing and preparing all Companies House and HMRC documentation away from business owner Debbie, allowing her to focus on developing her business and increasing her skills through study.

The company provides HR advice to smaller businesses that do not need a full-time personnel function.  At various times over the years the company has needed to use temporary workers.  We have discussed the type of work and the length of time the help is required and then provided advice to Mitchel Palmer on how to pay these workers; they have all been paid as self-employed freelancers.

Using these freelancers has helped Mitchell Palmer grow but also would provide great evidence in the event of an IR35 enquiry from HMRC – clearly substitution could and has taken place.

If you work in HR and are thinking of working through your own Limited company then follow the lead of Mitchell Palmer. Clearways Accountants could help you set up your Limited company and get your company ready for business.  Please call us on 01737 244298 for more information or your free consultation.